Horror on the Hill

The Hall of King Marrow


Bolstered by the rescued dwarf Gareth Ironhand, the group made haste to the hall of the King. Along the way they found the remains of a group of dead adventurers and Zasuvak befriended their dogs. At King Marrow’s hall, Iwa and Wellby used phantasms to convince the King and his retinue that the demon had come to judge them; in the confusion, the hobgoblins were vanquished. The group found a living survivor of the human cult that had once flourished in these halls, and from him learned that the demon’s true home was somewhere below. And so they descended a hidden chute into an underground river, and made their way downstream to find a watchful kobold…


Gav wrote up this super detailed account so Robbie could catch up. I’m copying it here because it’s good stuff and should not be wasted!

“An Ogre lumbered past while we were in the forge, which I shot then the others wiped it out.
We checked out the Arena, there were the bodies of four adventurers with there two dogs/wolves chained to them guarding them. Zazuvak did a nature ritual and spoke to them, befriended them, so we had them ‘join’ us and we checked the bodies. Rhaegar and the other dwarf are now carrying human sized full plate, which would need some reforging to fit. Also got a few other bits and pieces from the bodies.

Continued along towards where the ‘king’ was supposed to be past a trapped area of corridor that looked to dro the floor if too many people in it. “Sneaking” pasta couple of short corridors Rhaegar tripped and the rope holding the plate armour to his pack broke with a crash. Heard waking hobgobs from the barracks at the end of the corridors. Zazuvak yelled out to stay in your rooms (in orcoid) as the wovles had gotten loose, which actually worked!

Carried on to the end of the corridor to the kings area. The king, two bodyguards, 6 other hobgobs and two bugbears were there, large fire in the middle of the room with big pot of soup on it, king was yelling at the bugbears and ranting about the ‘demon’. Iwa cast invisibility and Wellby sneaked into the room. Wellby hid behind a large beer barrel and Iwa snuck (while invisible) across the room and snuck into the kings room, one of the bodyguards almost spotted him, but Wellby used mage hand to spill the soup and distracted it. Iwa snuck back out and hid directly behind the kings throne and cast his maddening whispers spell (made save and only took 3 damage). To stop Iwa being found Wellby cast a silent image of what he thought the demon looked like in the middle of the fire which pointed at the King. Iwa got into the game and cast an illusion to give it voice.King was absolutely certain that this was the demon and moved to confront it, bodyguards backed him up, bugbears moved off to side (and out of sight, 6 hobgobs broke and tried to run away (rest of group held the doors and didn’t let them out). Bodyguards shot at demon a couple of rounds (and missed) king moved towards it, Wellby cast a firebolt in an attempt to make it look like it was from the demon (which worked, but missed). King move into the fire (and wasn’t burned) to fight the demon (and missed), wellby and Iwa cast sleep and downed one bodyguard, iwa and wellby shot the other next turn. Iwa and Wellby shot the king and party burst in and fought hobgobs, killing them pretty quickly and king was finished with hidden bowshot.

Dragged kings body out of fire (other dwarf got Greatsword), looted, searched kings room and bodyguards room. Noticed that bugbears were missing, dogs sniffed them out and found hidden room. ‘Negotiated’ with bugbears to leave and take their comrades with threats and bribe, but one insulted Zazuvak who raged and killed in in one blow, some attempts to stop Zazuvak from killing the other which ended up wounded. Bugbear agreed to show party where ‘crazy priest’ was. Some potions and money found in hidden room in trapped chests.

Party ‘snuck’ back to find ‘chapel’, with big pumice statue with gem eyes and hidden door at back of room, Rhaegar casdt ‘detect evil’. Opened door and grabbed crazy priest. Rhaegar grabbed all the writings he could, Iwa beat and cajoled priest. While they were doing this Wellby was working a gem eye out of the statue with mage hand, succeded and triggered trap which allowed four giant flies out from statue. 17 damage later, Welly on 3 hit points and ran into room behind. Party swatted flies and had short rest.

Priest agreed to show Iwa way down, back to trapped corridor. Priest went crazier during another vision of Iwa’s and started buring, ran into Iwa who also started burning. Wellby shot priest, critical and killed him. Iwa not apparently hurt by flames and has some hill people demon blessing. Party agreeing to safely trigger trap and go down.

Gareth (dwarf) decided to head back to town, party agreed and provided maps and instructions and sent dogs with him. Chute under trap. Party slowly descended using ropes, metal spikes and mage hand. Made it down safely to big thermal pool with stream flowing from it. Followed stream (occasional glowing fungus), took opportunity to rest. Wellby first watch, Tomask second, Zazuvak third, but went to sleep. Party woke up some time later, Wellby harassed Zazuvak about failing to keep watch.

Continued down stream until found stream bank with kobold keeping watch. Wellby floated (sneak) down stream past kobold and sees two more in cubby. Caused splash to gain their attention to try to sneak past… stopped game there at getting close to 1am."

The Hall of King Marrow


Victories over:
eight hobgoblins and a captain (1500)
an ogre (450)
four flies (400)
two bugbears (400)
a mad cleric (450)

Freeing the dogs (375)
Entering the depths (375)
Also Zasuvak and Wellby milestone from session two (125)

XP Totals: everyone has 1863 XP

The Hall of King Marrow
morgue morgue

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