Horror on the Hill

The Lost Tome


After dispatching the kobold watchers, the group entered the tunnels beyond, crossing a rockfall and killing a giant snake, then meeting two great lizards. They discovered a door which Thomask could not see; Iwa realized this was because he had not become attuned to the hill spirit as the others had. Thomask refused to take the actions necessary to allow the spirit inside him, and so he and Zasuvak remained outside while the others entered the door to recover a tome of knowledge. While separated, Thomask and Zasuvak discovered themselves surrounded by what seemed an entire tribe of kobolds…



Victories over:
three kobolds (75)
two lizards (400)
one snake (50)

Finding the tome (225)

XP Totals: everyone has 2013 XP

The Lost Tome
morgue morgue

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